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How to Make Friends in College

Whether you are going to start your first day at a university or a small private college, meeting new people can become an intimidating experience. However, if you are interested in college friendship, all you need is to realize that everyone is as nervous as you are. Just start acting right now. The pieces of advice below will help you make new friends in college.

Join Some Clubs 

This is the easiest way to meet someone with similar hobbies. Do not feel shy to go there by yourself. Remember that during the first weeks of studying, not many people have friends. Try to find a group that shares your passions, or just choose a random one. If you need the best samples for your essays, you can use sites like EssayKitchen.If they miss your deadline by chance, they offer a refund to their customers rather than acting miserly and keeping the money to themselves.


Volunteering at an animal shelter, a local soup kitchen, or even at your college campus is a good chance to make college friends. In addition, it will look very well on your resume and will help you get a job in the future.

Go To Events

A good baseball or football game is the best opportunity to meet new people. If you are not interested in football, as a rule, there are concerts, art shows, poetry readings, and other interesting events on campus. Besides, it is a great way to start a conversation with someone by asking about local events. You should definitely go to a completely ridiculous or funny event. Stepping out of your comfort zone is essential for meeting people in college.

Talk To People

It is almost impossible to make new friends if you are sitting in the dark corner of the library. Ask your classmates something about the material discussed in the class. Even if there are no questions to ask, talking about homework is a great icebreaker. Another good conversation starter is upcoming holidays, events, sports, etc.

Go To Parties

Going to parties may scare you at first, but ultimately you will like it. Studying at college is a great opportunity to spend a good time, so just relax and have some fun! If you still do not like hardcore parties, go to a community or school dance night, sports party, movie night, or slumber party. If you are a student a don't have a lot of time for writing your papers, you can visit our service to buy pre written research papers.

Check Out Events in Your City

Many students are overloaded with their classes and homework so that they forget about other activities. If you are studying at a small private college, you have an opportunity to meet new people off-campus. Check out the events, like festivals, movies, concerts, and shows. It is a good chance to get acquainted with people of all ages and with different interests.

The first year in college is the main challenge, and most students succeed in it. Keeping in touch with the family and loved ones are difficult for most freshmen who go to college far from home. Make every effort to not let this happen to you. Follow the pieces of advice discussed above, and you will hopefully make new friends very soon.

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