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Essay writing is one of the most challenging tasks faced by college students. It takes a lot of time and energy to create a meaningful and worthwhile essay. Most students opt for an essay writing service so that they may be able to take off some time from college assignments.

Don’t Go Cheap

If you want the best essay, you have to pay more. Most college students are on a tight budget. That’s why you might be tempted to go with the service that offers the cheapest rate per page. A cheap essay writing agency is bound to screw up your paper. These agencies employ under-skilled writers who are new to the writing game. Wherever you see a writing agency giving out cheap essays in a few hours, your best bet would be to run the other way. Essay writing is hard work. It takes time to research and produce a document that is an asset to the pool of knowledge. These quick essay companies are mostly plagiarizing content from the internet. They pluck out already written essays and give them out as their own. If you submit a copied essay to your professor, you might get an F grade in the course. So be careful!

 A professional writer with a high level of expertise will charge more for an essay. If you want quality writing, don’t be afraid of spending a little extra. There are several well-reputed writing websites on the internet. For example, EssayZoo is known for having the most expert writers from all over the world. These writers are good at communication, and they have ample experience when it comes to custom writing. You can just give the writer all the information about the thesis statement and let go of all your worries.

Ensure They Can Write-In Any Style

Your professor has been checking your assignments for the whole year. It is a high probability that he is familiar with your writing style. Before hiring custom essay writing help, make sure that your writer matches your style of writing. Different people have different ways of expressing themselves in their essays. For example, if you are a native American speaker, your writing style must differ from someone who has English as a second language. Your professor might easily be able to identify that the essay submitted is not your original work. This may lead to a cancellation of the paper or even more drastic consequences. Try to change the essay according to your will after receiving it from the writer. Include the typical mistakes that you make while writing so that it may seem authentic. You also have to make sure that your writer is familiar with different types of essays. The professor demands several different essays throughout the semester. These might be reflective, argumentative, or many more. Ensure that the person you hire has a firm command over more than ten types of the most common writing styles. If that is not the case, your essay might not be that compelling. Below are some of the essay types that are common among college professors.  

·  Argumentative essay, this essay includes two sides of an argument. You have to take a stance and prove the thesis statement through facts and figures.

·  Critical Analysis Essay, this type of essay uses the analytical skills of a student to come up with a sound argument.

·  A reflective essay, this type of essay includes the imagination of a writer. You have to involve real-world scenarios and build up a perspective.

Always remember that the best custom essay will always be unique and according to the writing style demanded by the professor. Steer clear of novice writers because they might be the reason for the downfall of your grade.

Open Communication

The best custom essay service has a clear line of communication at all times. Last-minute changes in the essay prompt have to be communicated effectively. To ensure this, your writing service must have 24/7 customer service. Pick out the service that has a ChatBot feature on their website. You must be in constant communication with the writer and send every information communicated by the professor. You might have to send an instant revision to the writer, and if there is no availability, you might suffer.

Since we are on the topic of revisions, you must know that another important thing to check for a good website is the free revisions they offer. A premium writing service has faith in its writers. That is why they offer free revisions throughout the process. Avoid writing agencies that give paid revisions, as they know that their work is sub-par, and getting a revision is inevitable. Most of them are just looking to get a quick buck, and they have no interest in providing a quality essay. Essay Kitchen is a writing agency with open and transparent communications, and its writers are available 24/7. Also, they have a big catalog sample of pre-written essays. Don't miss a chance to check this!

Check Guarantees

While choosing the best writing agency, check for all the guarantees they offer. Look for things like offline delivery, latest citations, and many more. These are the salient features that differentiate a perfect writing company from an average one. One of the most important guarantees that your writing service must have is that they won't resell your paper in the future. There have been instances where two students have received the same paper from a writer, and both had to face the consequences accordingly. Here is a list of the most common guarantees that your company must have:

·  On-Time Delivery

·  No Plagiarism

·  Free Revisions

·  Certified Writers

Get A Plagiarism Report

One of the most important thing you must check is the plagiarism report for your essay. Fake writing agencies pluck out pre-written essays from the internet and portray them as their own. After receiving the paper, ask the writer to give out a free plagiarism report so that you can be sure that the work is authentic. To double-check the assignment, you may also run the text through Turnitin yourself. This will stamp your paper as authentic and give you peace of mind.


Before you order an essay, conduct proper research on the company. Students who hire the first writer see regret later on. You might also ask your senior friends because they have already been through this whole process, and they might even refer you to an excellent writer.

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